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Need an activity that can reduce the number of items, one of which is by decluttering. Decluttering is the activity of cleaning and getting rid of items that no longer provide benefits / value in our lives.

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Creative jobs are starting to become a trend for millennials. It is a trend because jobs like this are very in line with the characteristics of the millennial generation who are full of flexibility and are not bound.

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Mental illness or commonly known as mental health disorders refers to various conditions that affect a person’s feelings, thoughts, moods and behavior.

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Failure is a human process. What makes failure a painful and bitter process is our response to the event.

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Moody, a word we commonly hear, whether on social media, news, lectures, or everyday conversations. Some already understand the meaning of the word moody, but there are also those who still wonder why moody can appear and what will happen next

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The Covid-19 pandemic has become an infinitement point in many aspects of human life. Not only the health aspect, but also on mental health. In Indonesia alone, the Ministry of Health said cases of depression during the pandemic increased by 6.5%.

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Humans do have a tendency to look for things that cause a sense of pleasure and happiness in their lives. In fact, it is not uncommon for us as humans in the name of seeking temporary pleasure, not growing traces that can be used for the long term.

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We know that the way to treat illness is to take medication, how to maintain immunity by taking vitamins, and the way to prevent viruses from entering the body is with vaccines. But do we really know how to heal the wounds lurking within?

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I remember once, 13 years ago, when I was about 5 years old. Suddenly at dawn towards morning, the earthquake shook the city of Mataram, Lombok Island.

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Volunteers who come to disaster-affected places have various roles and often even have multiple roles such as distributing logistical assistance, as well as carrying out psychosocial handling. When they get to the place affected by the disaster, it is not impossible that volunteers also experience trauma during their duties.

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Feelings of guilt are inevitable because humans will not escape mistakes in living their lives. Mistakes that are intentionally made or not, directly or indirectly, provide their own challenges to resolve.

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Various demands ranging from family, culture, and social also affect the desire to marry in women. Often parents ask about their children’s wedding plans when college is over. While from the social side, society views the success of one’s life when having a happy family.

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Many factors that make you often postpone work such as time management, motivation, to the desire to complete tasks perfectly make you often delay in collecting tasks.

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You are so precious. Every human being deserves love, compassion, and happiness. Who can give it all?

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For those who want to understand a woman’s heart. The woman whose hope feels lost, her heart is being cut, anger and guilt are raging in her mind.

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People who experience panic attacks feel like the world is spinning but their bodies seem to freeze unable to move. Feelings like being “stuck” in one moment, sounds that sound “dangerous”, and lights that are too bright seem to make the heart beat more chaotically.

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Sexual harassment is a form of crime that happens a lot, but not many dare to speak up. This harassment can happen anywhere the opportunity arises, such as the street, school, or workplace.

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? It could be that you immediately think of someone who is a cleanliness maniac, or someone who washes their hands often, or someone who always does a repetitive activity. Actually, what the * is OCD?

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The tendency of married couples to upload romantic content will increase when they are satisfied with their relationship. Similarly, when someone is feeling closer to their husband or wife, they will upload photos with their partner more often.

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