12 Instagrammable AirBNBs in Puncak, Bogor

July 14, 2020English

Most of the Airbnb here is for many people, more suitable for family gatherings or groups. Here I summarize 12 Instagramable Airbnbs in Puncak, Bogor!


The location is only 15 minutes from Taman Safari. Can be used up to 15 people. The design is monochrome, but still warm with wooden elements. The concept of open space makes you feel at home all day here looking at the green Puncak. The pool is also big.

The price per night is around USD 97 or Rp 1.300.000,-

Cottage that can accommodate 15 guests at once. The interior has boho nuances with rattan and tassel elements.

Price per night USD 104 or around Rp 1.4000.000,-

Industrial-themed inn with comfortable outdoor area. Suitable for those who want to try the nuances of nature because this inn is squeezed by green trees.

Able to include 15 guests. The price is around USD 111 per night or around Rp 1,500,000,-.

One of my favorite out of this list! The design is the most beautiful. Both pool area, outdoor, living room, to bedroom.

Able to include up to 10 guests. The price is USD 118 per night or around Rp 1,652,000

One of the most beautiful villas in the area. The dominant color is white with yellow and blue accents in outdoor areas.

Able to include 16 guests, at a price of USD 118 or IDR 1,652,000 per night.

Expect a wonderful outdoor area in this house. With interior design that is also cozy.

Can include 10 guests, the price is USD 125 / night or around Rp 1.800.000,- per night.

If you love ethnic with colorful touch, go with this villa!

Able to accommodate 10 guests, 5 bedrooms. The price is USD 125/night or IDR 1,800,000 per night.

Beautiful inn where you can have a picnic! Casablanca Villa has an outdoor area that can be used for picnics and gatherings. The pool area also has a beautiful view typical of Puncak.

Able to accommodate up to 10 guests, the price is USD 139 / night or around Rp 2.000.000,- / night.

The villa is thick with bluish shades. Can include up to 16 guests. The price is USD 152 / night or around Rp 2.200.000,- / night.

In the middle of the green expanse, stands Villa Akira. It can accommodate up to 16 guests, with 4 bedrooms.

Price per night USD 242, or around Rp 3.500.000,-

This Airbnb is located more in Bogor. The nuances are very homey.

It can accommodate up to 8 guests. The price per night is around USD 98 or Rp 1.400.000,-

Shifting slightly towards Sentul, there is Airbnb which is no less homey. Its name is Villa Mantra Sentul.

Includes up to 10 guests, the price is around USD 136/night.

Those are Jennifer ‘s 10 Instagrammable AirBnB in Puncak, Bogor! This list is of course subjective, and I chose from the photos I found on airBnB. Prices can be checked directly on airBnB because it varies depending on the date.

Hopefully useful for those who are looking for staycation inspiration!

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