12 Recommended Jogja Hotels Below 700 Thousand

September 14, 2019YogyakartaJogja

Having a family from Jogja made me often go back and forth from Jogja from childhood. My treasury about hotels in Jogja is quite a lot because I often go there. Some of these 10 hotel recommendations I have tried directly.

Tips from me when choosing a hotel in Jogja, choose the location near your vacation destination. Jogja may seem small, but going back and forth will also take time. So, if your tourist destinations are many in the north (eg: Merapi, Kaliurang, etc.), don’t stay overnight in the south. Vice versa, if you travel a lot to Gunungkidul, Parangtritis, don’t stay overnight in northern Jogja if you don’t want to spend time. Don’t forget to check the folder when booking the hotel!

If you’re ready for a destination, it’s time to reserve a hotel! The fun thing in Jogja is, even hotels under Rp 700 thousand are of good quality. Here are 10 Jogja hotels that I recommend (the order is random)!

A very unique hotel chain. As the name suggests, ARTOTEL, this hotel always inserts art in its concept. This ARTOTEL is available in several cities in Indonesia: Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Sanur, and hopefully more and more. If instagrammable is an aspect what you’re looking for, this is the hotel for you. The iconic golden slider is here in ARTOTEL Jogja!

ARTOTEL Yogyakarta is one of the hotels that is worth it once weighed in terms of price and facilities. For studio rooms, with prices starting from IDR 500,000, – you can already get breakfast, and swimming pool. In his room there is a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Yum!

Location-wise, ARTOTEL is in the north of Yogyakarta. In front of the main road, namely Jalan Kaliurang.

Price: start from Rp 500.000,-


This is probably one of the best budget hotel in Yogyakarta. The price is only around IDR 300,000,-, for a hotel with a slick design, the facilities are quite complete, including breakfast. If you’re really in tight budget, choose this!

For a low price, you will get a private room that is large enough, simple design, private bathroom with hot water, WIFI, cable TV, and breakfast with a menu of choices. Breakfast at The Journey is not a buffet, but you can choose the menu that will be delivered to your room according to the hours you want. When I went there, the breakfast choices were fried rice, fried noodles, fried rice and chicken, and gudeg rice. Drink there is tea and coffee.

There is also a car and motorbike park so there is no need to be confused. What needs to be improved may be the TV channel because the channel is very limited in the choice of channels.

Anyway, The Journey staff is also very friendly and helpful. I was helped when I suddenly wanted to rent a motorbike in the afternoon. Assisted by a find, and the next day the motorbike was ready at the hotel. Nice!

Price: Start from Rp 300.000,-

One of the iconic hotels in Jogja. I stayed here in 2016. It’s been quite a while, huh? But this hotel is increasingly popular because it became one of the filming locations of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.


The architecture is very unique because the building is tall, the walls are unfinished without paint, with creepers around it. The shades of green are felt. In the middle there is a small swimming pool. Which is actually a bit uncomfortable for adults to swim because the side is directly cafes and restaurants. Shame, right? If it’s a small child, maybe it’s okay to swim here.

On the top floor of Greenhost Hotel, there is a restaurant that can be visited, namely Agenda Resto & Vibes.

Greenhost Hotel is located in Prawirotaman, south of Jogja. One of my favorite areas in Jogja. This is an area that is quite crowded with expatriates and Caucasians. Prawirotaman is a comfortable area to visit while walking, many restaurants and coffee shops. At first glance, the road in Prawirotaman feels like a street in Bali. If you want a relaxing style vacation at a hotel while occasionally going out to eat or snack, you can choose to stay in the Prawirotaman area.

Price: Start from Rp 450.000,-

Staying at Yats Colony feels like forgetting when you are in Jogja. It feels like it’s like again in Bali. Fyi, the name Yats is from the word ‘stay’ which is reversed.


I really like the lodging area in the form of a closed complex with a swimming pool in the middle. It’s best to book a room that directly faces the swimming pool. The swimming pool is also designed not monotonous, the shape is curvy, and there are slides too. Interior-design wise, chic by combining traditional and modern elements.

Yats Colony has various room types: Ha, Na, Ca, Ra, Ka. The largest is Ha’s room. And what’s picpic, in Ha Sendang’s room there is a mini onsen!

Price: Start from Rp 600.000,-


One of the pioneers of Instagrammable hotels in Jogja. I stayed here in 2016! Just beside the hotel, there is a restaurant. This was the filming place of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2 as well.


There are various types of rooms in Local Hotels. There are mezzanine types as well. Interesting huh? I used to stay there but the room was the smallest. I think it’s a bit cramped, and there are no windows except for the small vents below. Maybe it’s better if you choose a large room.

Local This hotel also has a small swimming pool in the middle. Location-wise, Local This hotel is strategically located in the north of Jogja Gejayan area which has many cafes and snacks.

Price: start from Rp 450.000,-

Located on Prawirotaman street. I’ve never stayed here, but I highly recommend it. The façade made of wood, colorful window sills is the signature of Adhisthana Hotel.

Adhisthana Hotel has various types of rooms. From bunkbed hostels, to private rooms. Can be chosen according to your wishes and budget. Although cheap, Adhisthana also has a swimming pool. There is also a café at the front of the hotel to hang out.

Price: start from Rp 145.000,-

One of the newest hotels and serviced apartments in Yogyakarta. As the name implies, the location is in the northern region of Yogyakarta. Had passed yesterday, when stopping by Tempo Gelato Kaliurang.

While it’s still new, it’s really okay to try.

Price: starts from Rp 500.000,-

I have long wanted to spend the night here because I really like the interior based on the photos, clean and minimalistic. The location is in the east of Jogja, quite close to Adi Sucipto Airport.

Price: start form Rp 500.000,-.

When I went to Jogja yesterday, I wanted to stay here but unfortunately it was fully booked. There are so many who recommend it too. Petite but homey.

Price: start from Rp 300.000,-

The Amartya Yogyakarta, one of the relatively new hotels. The location is in the west of Jogja. The interior is typical industrial.

Price: start from Rp 400.000,-

Very excited about this hotel because of the colorful and vintage typical of the peranakan. It was like staying at baba and njonja’s house.

Price: start from Rp 300.000,-

The location is a bit outside the city. Interested in staying here because the pool overlooks the rice fields! Perfect for getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Price: start from Rp 500.000,-

Hopefully it helps for those who are looking for lodging in Jogja!

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