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November 3, 2020BandungBandung

I already made an AirBNB list in Bandung in 2018, but I think it needs to be updated, right? There are so many new locations popping up and it’s worth it to try. On a trip to Bandung then I had time to try 3 AirBNB, and of course I included it in the list below!

The location is quite far from the middle of Bandung. The name of the area is Cisarua (not Puncak but yes). From Cimahi, you must take teruuuuus to the north. But this Villa Tibra is really worth it! The price is only around Rp 700.000,- it can be for 4 people.

The shape of the building is unique, resembling a triangle. It’s still relatively new, so there are not many facilities. The swimming pool was still under construction when I went there. But for the stay, it’s really okay. The road here although uphill but the access is good and on the side of the big road too.

What makes me like Villa Tibra the most is that this villa is pet friendly! Yes, you can bring your pet to stay here. Isn’t there a pet-friendly inn in Bandung?

Will I come back to this place? 100% yes!

I have included Gluck Home on AirBNB Bandung’s list in 2018. But it looks like they are expanding, because in the same complex there is now Gluck Roof, and Gluck Star. Because of the two trips, I chose to stay at Gluck Star!

Gluck Star has a beautiful interior, typical of American country. The building is a pavilion concept, separate from the main building. Can accommodate up to 4 people, the shape of the room is mezzanine. There are smart TVs (and free Netflix!) that you can use. On the outside there is a beautiful swimming pool with tiles reminiscent of Morocco. There is a shared kitchen that can be used as well.

The location is in Dago Bent. Quite strategic, not too far from the city center, but still able to ‘cool’ North Bandung.

Part of Gluck’s building seems to be used as an office during weekdays. So it’s a bit uncomfortable if you want to swim in the pool because there are many wara-wiri people. Maybe if you want to swim, it’s better to stay on the weekend, right? But I had a good experience staying here overall!


I stayed here last year, when it was still very new, it didn’t even register on AirBnB. Now it’s quite popular, huh? Very natural, because the interior is unique and fresh. The concept is an apartment with a mezzanine, located in Ciumbuleuit.

Staying here is confused about what is lacking. All delicious, the location is also close everywhere if you are eyeing the Upper Bandung area. Most pay for parking which is a bit expensive because you have to pay by the hour.


I didn’t stay here by accident! It’s a bit ‘strange’ the story.

I originally booked Kai Leisure lodging on AirBNB. After booking, I got a message from the owner whose contents were due to security reasons, could not stay at Kai Leisure so for overnight stay will be moved to Bukit Saung Bambu (it’s on AirBNB too) the location is 15 minutes from Kai Leisure. You know? Confused?

But because it’s so absurd, we just say yes. When checking in, we also went directly to Bukit Saung Bambu. Duh, the road here turned out to be really nanjaaaaaak! The location is in Caringin Tilu. I think if you come here it’s more friendly to ride a motorbike than to ride a car.

Once arrived, it turned out that the place was quite unique. All rooms are in the form of 2-story bamboo houses. The downstairs of the bathroom and sitting room, the upper floor of the bedroom. If you want to try lodging that is ‘different’ from hotels in Bandung usually, you can try.

There were no significant complaints when I stayed here, other than the bathroom where the water was a bit slow. Because of the shape of the bamboo house and semi-open, sometimes there are also small insects entering the room. Oh, and that night I was called if I went back to the inn no later than 11 o’clock in the evening. And of course the location is quite far above, more appropriate if you want to stay and not go back and forth to the middle of the city.

Yesterday almost stayed here but happened to have booked on the date of our trip. This seems to be the first new listing from Casa Lembang that I have ever posted on AirBnB Bandung’s recommendation in 2018.

The attic area is really beautiful!

Yesterday we also almost stayed here. Have asked via Whatsapp (got the number from his Instagram), but the response is lacking. Finally choose to stay somewhere else.

The concept is quite interesting, there is an infinity pool. Reminds of villa villas in Bali.

If you need a lot of rooms, you can choose Gemala House. In addition to being beautiful, it can accommodate many guests, and the location is also in the middle of the city. Just right, for those who want to staycation with a large family.

Unique! Kayaking in the Middle East, was my first impression when I discovered Maison Secrete on AirBnB.

Fresh studio apartment with vibrant waranya! Very pop out among most other monochrome inns. So want to try to stay here.

The fa├žade house is unique because it is made of brick. Besides being unique, this house is also beautiful with many plants and views of Upper Bandung as a bonus.

I don’t know why mezzanine-shaped inns always attract my heart hehe. Like this Lou House too. It feels really cozy, right?

Very interesting with its all-white wooden interior. It’s worth trying!

Charming! Naim House seems to have its own personality. It feels like staying at a relative’s house, not in a strange place. And that’s what you’re looking for from staying at an Airbnb, right?

Unique bungalows with vintage nuances. With a green scene shrouded on the right and left. Guaranteed refreshed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The architecture is very interesting, with an all-white concept. If you like monochrome, this could be your place.

For prices, you can directly check on airBnB because it varies depending on the date. For the price of the photoshoot, you can contact directly to the owner.

Hopefully it can help those of you who need lodging references or for photoshoot purposes in Bandung!



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