A Journey of Self-Healing—Incandescent Psychology #UnderstandingHuman

We know that the way to treat illness is to take drugs, how to maintain immunity by taking vitamins, and the way to prevent viruses from entering the body is with vaccines. But do we really know how to heal the wounds lurking within?

We are able to take care of our skin, teeth, eyes, and body. However, are we also capable of taking care of our own thoughts and feelings?

The First Step: Recognizing and Accepting Inner Wounds

Examining problems that have not ended in the past can be a first step in recognizing how far we have made peace with the past. Psychology introduces it to the term unfinished business which is interpreted as emotions and memories of the past that we still store in the subconscious.

Although we suppress it into the subconscious, its effects can come to the surface. In everyday life we encounter in the form of deep sadness, unending anger, ongoing regret, constant loneliness, and other negative emotions rooted in the past.

Ignoring every negative emotion present inside you is waiting for a ticking time bomb. Those emotions will make us explode at some time. Makes the atmosphere even more murky and messy. Our bodies are designed to run away from negative feelings in order to keep us happy. However, it is not designed to silence the negative emotions that exist inside.

Our self has a therapeutic role

Everyone has been a victim of life. We receive abuse and pressure from friends, listen to their negative comments about our bodies, or get harsh treatment from our partners. We keep our own feelings of anger, disappointment, fear, sadness, loneliness, and anxiety in our hearts. When in fact, everyone has a therapeutic ability (healing power) for oneself. We don’t have to fall into a situation that we don’t like, because we have a hand in making the atmosphere peaceful. One of them is by forgiving what has hurt our hearts.

The Dynamics of Healing Yourself

Self-healing is a simple process of helping to heal inner wounds by involving full self-strength to move on and rise from suffering. Without the help of others, without any media. Self-healing helps us recognize negative thoughts and feelings that have been confining ourselves. After recognizing and accepting it, we will be able to unravel one by one the problems that weighed on our thoughts and feelings earlier. The goal is not to remember wounds that have passed, but to invite us to better understand ourselves.

Accepting imperfections and forming positive thoughts of what happens is at the core of the process of healing oneself.

We have the control to turn chaotic feelings into meaningful. Because it could be that over time, we are again faced with the same problem that makes us feel always “tested” with the same thing over and over again. It often makes us fall back and feel tired of living life.

The Purpose of Our Creation Is to Be Strong and Resilient

When we succeed in self-healing, we will become resilient individuals. A resilient person is a person who is full of acceptance of difficulties, failures, and tragedies with resilience and resilience. We will be more assertive in defining life’s problems, seeing them as spirits that actually strengthen and provide many lessons that are not taught by anyone but the problem itself. After we wake up from adversity so far, we will be able to be more “present” in the environment of friends, work environment, and family.

Our souls that have been blessed by the ability to heal ourselves indicate that the suffering we have been feeling will be healed because of ourselves.

The ears will not only hear, but also feel that there are things that we do not deserve to hear. The eyes will not only see, but also understand that there are things that are not worth seeing then comment. The mouth will not only speak, but also think that there are inappropriate words said.

We will love ourselves, we will appreciate those who hurt us, we will see problems from a broader perspective. It can all be realized as long as we prepare to heal ourselves first.

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