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You can contribute article content or carousel.

The content you contribute must meet the following criteria:

  1. Content (descriptive, analytical) about psychological phenomena that are scientific but easy to understand.
  2. Content in the form of tips or tips for people who have mental disorders or to improve mental health
  3. Thoughtful Reflection related to the phenomenon of human psychology. Not just common sense.
  4. You can also add your personal experience in the content to make it easier for readers to relate to the information you convey.
  5. Example articles: “Unfortunately, Recurrent Depression”, “Panic Attack: The Sensation of a Psychological Heart Attack”, “14 Self-care Methods for Physical and Mental”, “Women and Heartbreak” and “Why We Choose Suicide”.
  6. Example carousels: “Dad, Mom, I’m Trying to Forgive You”, “Picky emotions, the root of toxic positivity”.

I’m ready to contribute content!

You can choose the content donation format that suits your abilities.

Article Content

This content will be published on site.

  1. Maximum 900 words.
  2. Hyperlink to scientific paper(s) is a must! Because Incandescent Psychology upholds writing that can be accounted for, the writing MUST refer to at least 5 scientific journals and at least 2 other Incandescent Psychology writings. Please include the sources in hyperlink format!
  3. Include a short identity with your name, blog, social media accounts, and short profile.

Carousel Content

This content will be published on Pijar Psikologi’s social media channels.

  1. Up to 10 slides.
  2. MUST refer to at least 2 scientific journals/articles and/or other Incandescent Psychology writings.
  3. Use the Google Slides template and layout/theme provided. Please feel free to copy and create content directly with the file. It is highly recommended to use the web version of Google Slides.
  4. If using images or other graphics from the internet, please provide the source.
  5. Include an identity in the form of your social media username.

Send your work in the form of a link or attachment to [email protected] with the subject “Contribute Content – Article – [Article Title]” or “Contribute Content – Carousel – [Carousel Title]”. Say hello to us kindly in the body of the email, jangan send a package without a greeting card!

From the Editorial Team

Please note, all content we receive will be reviewed and edited according to our standards. The content received may experience changes in title, grammar, layout, and some sentences that are considered inappropriate. If we make major changes to your writing, we’ll let you know first. We don’t want to change the voice or message of your writing.

Also, unfortunately we can’t publish all incoming content. Not because your story or article is not interesting, but because of the limitations of our very small editorial team. We believe that every story and article that comes in is a valuable message for mental health in Indonesia.

Thank you for sharing your story with us

What you write, will be an oasis in the midst of stigma related to mental disorders!

Incandescent greetings to the country!


Release Agreement

By submitting content to [email protected], you agree that the content you submit is an original work. We do not tolerate plagiarism. After the review and edit stage, your work will be published on Your work cannot be published in other electronic media, except your personal blog.

Incandescent Psychology is not a commercial medium, we are a non-profit institution. Therefore, we cannot provide financial compensation for the work you submit to us. However, we can help your work spread as widely as possible through our website and social media.

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