CPPS Daily – Ministry of Religious Affairs of Magelang Regency Godok Plans to Establish a Moderation Madrasah

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – The Office of the Ministry of Religious Affairs (Kemenag) of Magelang Regency is working on a plan to establish a moderation madrasa. Because, based on the information obtained, there are two madrassas that have non-Islamic students. Later, the Ministry of Religion will place teachers according to the religion adopted by the student.

Head of the Magelang Regency Religious Affairs Office, Muhammad Miftah explained, the discourse emerged when he was coaching madrasah ibtidaiyah (MI) teachers in Borobudur District, some time ago. “There, I saw data related to the number of students from each madrasa,” he said, some time ago.

At the forum, it turned out that there were two madrassas that accommodated non-Muslim religious students. To be precise, it is Christian. However, he has not explained the details of the number of students and the name of the madrassa.

However, he admitted, currently the madrassa does not have a Christian teacher. However, the Ministry of Religion is obliged to facilitate these students to gain knowledge about the religion they believe in.

This is in line with the National Education Law that educational institutions that accommodate students of other religions must provide religious teachers according to their beliefs. “We are currently meeting and working on (the regulations),” he explained.

Miftah said, in the admission of new students for the upcoming 2024/2025 school year, the Ministry of Religion will try to provide religious teachers in the two MIs. “I have coordinated, if later in MI there are Christian students, we will distribute Christian teachers to the madrassa,” he added.

The fulfillment of the teacher, continued Miftah, also applies to other religions and beliefs, not only Christianity. While related to the textbook, the Ministry of Religion will adjust to the religious curriculum that is currently in force.

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