CPPS Daily – Pj Regent of Magelang Opens TMMD Sengkuyung Phase II in Bateh Village Candimulyo

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Pj Regent of Magelang Sepyo Achanto led the opening ceremony of the TNI Manunggal Building Village (TMMD) Sengkuyung Phase II Fiscal Year 2024 program at Bateh Village Field, Candimulyo District, Wednesday (8/5/2024).

Pj Regent of Magelang Sepyo Achanto in his speech said that TMMD Sengkuyung Phase II is one of the integrated activities organized by the TNI and Magelang Regency Government as well as village governments aimed at accelerating the implementation of development. TMMD is expected to be able to improve welfare in the village, as well as strengthen the safety between the TNI and the people.

“This activity was carried out in Ngowah Hamlet, Bateh Village, connecting to Sajen Hamlet, Trenten Village, Candimulyo District, in the form of physical development, namely the construction of road concrete rebates, road drainage construction and others,” said Sepyo.

Sepyo hopes that this TMMD Sengkuyung Phase II activity can strengthen the spirit of togetherness so as to create a peaceful, cool, and prosperous Magelang Regency community.

Danramil 10/Candimulyo, Captain Arm Agus Purwanto as the Coordinating Officer of TMMD Sengkuyung Phase II of Fiscal Year 2024 in his report said, in addition to the physical activity targets for the construction of concrete rebates 645 m long, 3 m wide and 0.12 cm high, and 380 m long drainage in 0.5m x 0.5 m, there are also targets for non-physical activities, namely state defense counseling, National insight counseling, kamtibmas and drug counseling, health counseling on stunting prevention and reduction, mobile libraries, and population identity activation.

“The expected benefits of this activity physically are certainly expected to facilitate transportation facilities between villages, improve the community’s economy, improve the spirit of community cooperation, and the safety of the people’s TNI,” explained Captain Agus.

The opening ceremony of TMMD Sengkuyung Phase II was also attended by the ranks of Forkopimda Magelang Regency, Regional Secretary of Magelang Regency, Adi Waryanto, related OPDs, and ranks of Forkompimcam Candimulyo.

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