CPPS Daily – Dozens of Thudong Monks Arrive at Borobudur Temple

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Dozens of Tudong monks arrived at Borobudur temple on Monday (20/5/2024) afternoon. They have traveled as far as 60 km from Semarang. This year is the second time monks have travelled to Thudong ahead of Vesak.

The monks who undertake this spiritual journey come from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, and Indonesia. This trip was led by Bhante Kamsai Sumano Mahathera.

They entered the temple area through the Kalpataru gate at around 13.53 WIB. Next they headed to Manohara restaurant to unwind, before going up to the temple building. Drinks and snacks have been provided by the committee for monks to eat, as well as restore stamina.

Bhante Kamsai said, during the thudong trip, he felt that he got a lot of new things. One of them, the community along the way always welcomes them, especially school children.

“Everyone knows there is a thudong, then welcomes,” he said.

It becomes one thing to increase brotherhood, harmony and anan kiri become brothers.

“It adds excitement to us,” he continued.

Impressively, he once left at 5 a.m. from somewhere. Arriving on the road, the group was surprised because there were many roses as a form of welcome.

“That means they welcomed us already before 5 o’clock. We feel welcome, drinks, food, fruits, sandals, medicine, all mutual aid, not just from Buddhists. But all people seem to support the monk thudong walking to Borobudur Temple safely, “added Bhante Kamsai.

Talking about the weather that is currently hot, Bhante Kamsai said, the group has a trick so as not to be tired, which is to walk as far as 5-7 km then rest, and so on. If the weather is considered to be hot, the group will leave early at 05.00 WIB.

One of the thudong monks from Thailand, Phraathikan Suphit, who participated in thudong for the first time, admitted that he did not expect it, because it turned out that Indonesia was like this. The people of Indonesia, which are predominantly Muslim, welcome the thudong monks with joy.

GM of PT Taman Wisata Candi Borobudur (TWCB) Jamal Mawardi who also welcomed the arrival of Bhikkhu Thudong said, the TWCB welcomed their arrival, as an appreciation for their journey from Semarang and ended at Borobudur Temple. Those who welcomed some of them were from DPP Walubi, Walubi Central Java, Magelang Regency Government and also In Journey.

Unlike the last ahun where the welcome was carried out at the Kalpataru gate, but due to weather factors, they were welcomed at the Manohara restaurant.

The thudong monks end their journey by performing pradaksina in the temple structure and praying.

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