CPPS Daily – The Eternal Fire of Vesak is sacred at Mendut Temple

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Dharma Waisak Fire 2568 BE/2024 taken from the source of the eternal fire of Mrapen, Grobogan Regency arrived in Magelang Regency on Tuesday (21/05/2024). The fire that will be used at the peak of the Vesak Holy Day commemoration on Thursday (23/05) was buried in the Mendut temple area.

The motorcade carrying the dharma fire arrived at the Mendut Temple complex at around 16.00 WIB. The fire was then received by Walubi representatives and Sangha representatives.

Furthermore, the fire was placed in front of the altar in Mendut Temple which was followed by the lighting of five colored candles, and puja dance. Then the Sangga Monks perform the fire dharma sacrament prayer in turn, including the wandering monk Tudhong.

The atmosphere of recitation of the holy parita mantra prayer took place solemnly among the smoke of incense into the sky.

The 2024 National Vesak Committee Tanto Harsono said the meaning of the sacred fire taken in Mrapen symbolizes the spirit to illuminate. While the fire is buried in Mendut Temple to be a symbol of reminder that for dharma illumination for beings who are overwhelmed by their inner darkness.

“The fire never goes out, so our souls will continue to be excited, what we hope will definitely succeed,” Tanto said on the sidelines of the vesak fire procession in the courtyard of Mendut Temple, Magelang Regency

For the existence of fire, according to Tanto, it is an important ritual means in the Vesak procession. The taking of Darma fire has been done since the eighties ago.

“Since we celebrated at Borobudur, it’s been quite a long time,” said Tanto.

For Buddhists, continued Tanto, the flame of Mrapen Grobogan has the meaning of eternity. One of the elements of man is fire. Fire is a soul spirit that burns wildly.

“That’s very high morale and what we hope will be achieved,” he explained.

In addition to the eternal fire at Mendut Temple, Buddhists will also carry out a procession of denial of holy water which previously would be taken from Umbul Jumprit Temanggung Regency on Wednesday (22/05).

The two puja facilities were buried first at Mendut Temple before being paraded to the second of Vesak Borobudur Temple on Thursday (23/05) tomorrow.

“So the fire will be collected with water. Two elements are very important for us humans later on Vesak day we will take them to Borobudur, “said Tanto.

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