CPPS Daily – Vesak 2024 Special Full of Diversity

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Director General of Bimas Buddha Supriyadi said the National Vesak Celebration 2568 BE / 2024 at Borobudur Temple, Magelang Regency became a special moment with the return of dozens of Thudong Monks which coincided with the political transition of this country.

“This year’s Vesak, if you say it’s different, it’s different. Routine, yes, routine. There is a routine every year and this is the only one in the world that is celebrated in Indonesia,” said Supriyadi in Magelang, Monday (20/5/2024).

According to him, the Tudhong Monks this time were as many as 43 people. That number is indeed somewhat different when compared to Vesak the previous year. Dozens of monks did not start the journey from Thailand but from Semarang to Borobudur Temple in Magelang Regency.

That’s because, the committee saw a situation that was not possible after the Presidential Election so that the travel flow was shortened. But without reducing its meaning.

Covering a distance of about 60 km, the group of wandering monks arrived at Borobudur Temple on Monday afternoon at around 13.57 WIB. They were welcomed by the ranks of TWC, Forkopimda Magelang, and hundreds of Buddhists along with a number of representatives of the Indonesian Buddhist Sangha (Walubi). The monks from Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea then continued the procession of puja bakti and pradaksina walking clockwise at the main peak of Borobudur Temple.

“What is feared is that there will be two rounds so that the travel process is shortened no longer running from Thailand to Indonesia but from Semarang,” he said.

Supriyadi hopes that the Tri Suci Vesak celebration this time all people see it full of joy as a special moment with the presence of Bikhu Tudhong. In addition, because it was carried out at the end of President Joko Widodo’s administration, which was also the point of preparation for the next leadership.

“Of course, we continue to raise awareness that diversity is very important. Because from that diversity we get a meaning of living harmoniously and happily,” he explained.

Vesak seconds on Thursday (23/5/2024) at 20.54.42 WIB at Borobudur Temple will be attended by around 25,000 Buddhists from Southeast Asian countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and so on.

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