Creative media workers must also be mentally healthy—incandescent psychology #UnderstandingHuman

Creative jobs are starting to become a trend for millennials. It is a trend because jobs like this are very in line with the characteristics of the millennial generation who are full of flexibility and are not bound. Moreover, there have been many stories about the work culture in corporations that are very hierarchical and bureaucratic. It feels like working in the creative industry, media or startup is much more able to provide fresh air than working in a large company.

However, working in an industry full of deadlines and relentless creativity also carries a heavy stress load. For that, there are several things that can be done to maintain mental health if working in the creative industry.

Create Firm Boundaries

Millennials who work in startups and creative industries are often proud of their “flexible hours” status. However, sometimes flexible creative jobs separate the line between personal time and work time. Work overtime, serve clients via chat on even days, or attend networking events on weekends. At first we feel that all is fine. In fact, we have forgotten the time boundary between work and our personal. We forget to make time for our personal lives and enjoy it to the fullest.

If necessary, use two smartphones

Still related to creating boundaries, the presence of smartphones actually greatly disrupts these boundaries. Smartphones are where we network with networks of work, friends and extended family. Smartphones are devices that are so flexible that we can use them to play games or conflict with girlfriends via instant messenger.

We are used to opening the smartphone at any time. When we are working in the office, for example, then we see a notification from parents, it will break our concentration when working. Conversely, when we rest at home or even vacation in the Maldives, then chat and email from the office come in, this will also bring the memory of all work to our brain and all the work that has not been completed. Just keep spinning like that until finally we find it difficult to distinguish when work and personal time are actually for us.

In fact, in other countries such as France and Germany are touting the prohibition of email and phone calls for office affairs outside working hours to ensure the mental health of their employees.

Because our country and the companies we work for are still far from this policy, the extreme step that can be taken is to have two smartphones as a way of giving firm limits.

Keep Physically Fit

This advice sounds cliché and trite. However, the close relationship between physical and mental is indisputable. A study discusses how physical activity affects human state and mental health.

Moreover, we Asians have long known no dualism between body and soul. Our physical health is very influential on mental health, and vice versa. A loaded mind can make our shoulders, neck and waist hurt, just as physical unfit makes us slower to think and irritable. Therefore, maintaining physical health is also good to do to balance a stressful job.

Moreover, the sedentary working pattern accelerates the accumulation of fat in the thighs and abdomen. With exercise, we will be happier because we see our bodies stay in shape and fit.


No matter how dense the demands of work are, don’t forget to stay relaxed and enjoy our lives. Take the time to do simple activities such as, writing gratitude journals, exercising, reading books, listening to music, facials and reflexology. Such a simple activity can be called self-care, which is a way of being grateful for life by caring for and pampering ourselves. By giving ourselves time, we realize that life is not just for work. There is a part within you that must be considered for its well-being to stay balanced.

Do Real Creativity

Working in the creative industries and doing creativity are different things. In the context of working in the creative industries. Our brains are squeezed to produce creative ideas related to a product to how to sell the product according to market needs. Our brains are forced to think of various forms of product ideas, advertising ideas, exhibition ideas, product distribution ideas to be accepted by the public. We are required to be creative and this can be stressful.

Unlike music, writing, drawing, painting or mindful drawing, colouring, these activities are creative activities that do not demand our brain and more emotional channeling in it. The activity also fully absorbs our attention into art so that we can forget and let go of the workload.


We are used to drinking coffee in the morning and afternoon to support performance. After that, consume alcohol at night to release stress. We are also used to eating junk food that is fast to reach and consume as long as the stomach feels full. Working while eating snacks such as chocolate, candy, chips and the like is also common for us to do. In fact, all these things if consumed too often will actually worsen the stress we feel while working. It would be better when we get used to eating enough vegetables, fruits, and mineral water while working.

Working in a startup or creative industry is fun because it facilitates the needs of millennials who cannot stand still and also need a purpose in life. However, the twists and turns of stress there are no less dramatic than working in large corporations.

So how about it, still think working in a startup or creative industry is ideal?

This article was created in collaboration with to fill in the psychology consultation column in Mojok media.

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