My Story Solo Traveling to a Less Safe Country? + Anticipation Tips!

August 20, 2023Tips & Tutorials

The worst thing I’ve ever experienced as a solo traveler is losing my wallet. Yes, it happened in 2017 during a trip to Korea.

On a sunny winter day, I took a trip to Incheon. My destination is to Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village. November, the winter at that time. Put on a thick jacket, and lightly I put a wallet filled with money, (which just pulled money from an ATM anyway), debit cards, credit cards, in one wallet into the jacket pocket.

Because it’s cold, so my hands automatically go in and out of my pocket continuously. Back and forth warm your hands, but while leaving your cellphone because you check Google Maps. That’s where it happened, my wallet seemed to fall on the road. The ending? Didn’t meet gais. Even though they have reported to all police stations. Hiksssss.

In addition to the factor of self-negligence, there are also factors, is the country less safe?


When I went to Europe, because there were SO many stories of people pickpocketing there I was extra on guard. Fortunately, the trip is safe. But here’s what I do just in case I’m on vacation to a less safe country or area:

  1. Put Padlock on Bag

Trip Europe yesterday, so the first time I padlocked a bag. Buy a small padlock, some. Make a backpack, make a small bag. It’s a hassle, but yes than that, right?

  1. Use a Sling Bag

Sling bags I think are the most suitable bag model for traveling. Because both hands can remain free, you can put the bag forward, so you ‘watch’ and the bag can be under your watch all the time.

  1. Use Money Belt

God forbid your bag is grabbed or pickpocketed, there is still a back up. Keep some cash and cards just in case the money belt is stuck on your body. This has been suggested by many other travelers as well.

  1. Don’t carry too much cash

Bring enough cash. Imagine from the beginning of your trip carrying millions of money and keep going?! Dizzy. Even though your trip is still long. Mending just take a little money, the rest rely on cashless payments with cards.

That’s why it’s very important to have a credit card that is safe for traveling. Like a digital credit card from Honest whose application process is 100% digital through the application without having to leave the house send printed documents. So I can use the time for packing or can apply while I am packing too.


How to apply for an Honest Card is difficult? It’s so easy! You can apply from just HP, just download the application and follow the instructions. No need to send documents!

Download the Honest app

Prepare an ID card to scan, then take a photo of yourself (selfie). Continue to answer questions according to the instructions in the application. If so, wait for the verification results. The waiting period is about 24 hours. In less than 24 hours, my application has been approved!

Furthermore, for activation, a video call process will be carried out via Whatsapp with customer service. Less than 5 minutes really. You can Whatsapp customer service to determine when you are available for video calls. If so, your Honest card can be used! 3 days later, his physical card was also delivered to his home.

Very simple, huh? It’s perfect for me who has high mobility and is rarely at home. No need to call CS, to the bank, or bother sending photocopies of documents, which usually needs to be done to apply for a credit card elsewhere. But it’s still really safe!

If it has been approved, there is no need to wait for the physical card to be used. You can use it right away! For booking hotels and tourist tickets at OTA for example. The physical card will also be sent to your address.

Besides the card is saucy purple, pay attention to what is different? Yes, there is no number! Because he has aunique numberless card. So if you lose your card, it’s safer. Only you can access your card details from the application on your cellphone.

You can lock the card at any time from your cellphone, in case the physical card is lost. There is 24-hour customer service support via Whatsapp and call as well. So it doesn’t matter if you are abroad you can’t make phone calls, you can just Whatsapp. Easy, right?

Plussss, because this is already very digital, you can track all your expenses during the holidays so you don’t go over budget. Because in the Honest application, there is immediately a Transaction History that you can monitor.

For those who are curious to try, you can download and try to apply at the following link:


Solo traveling is challenging because you are 100% responsible for yourself. But in this advanced era, I thinksolo traveling is getting easier and more do-able. Don’t be afraid to try solo traveling!

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