Greek Meets Javanese in Halo Niko Mini

May 22, 2017Indonesia

If you are into the greek food scene in Jakarta, then I assume you know about Halo Nikosince it is already well-known among Jakartans.

Halo Niko is casual restaurant that serves Greek food with Javanese fusion (or Javanese food with Greek fusion? Let’s just agree on both haha). Unique right? The owner is a couple of husband and wife, the husband is from Greece and the wife is from Indonesia. Can it be more adorable?! Now I want to marry Cristiano Ronaldo and make a Portuguese-Indonesian restaurant together, LOL.

Anyway, I visited their place last year, it was located insideThe Promenade, Warung Buncit, Jakarta (same building area with ACE Hardware). The place is lovely and humble with pretty details and touch of pop colors, which I love very much. It was last year but I searched and fortunately I still have a couple of decent photos of it in my camera.

A few months ago, Halo Niko opened their second place. The second place is located in Pejaten area, located just behind Kembang Kencur, named Halo Niko Mini.

A little different from Halo Niko in Warung Buncit, Halo Niko Mini is actually targeted for private dinner/lunch, small gatherings and events. This will be a perfect choice if you want to throw a birthday party, bridal party, etc. But you can also visit them just for a dine though so no worry.

Halo Niko Mini is divided into two areas, indoor with AC and outdoor without AC. The indoor can hold up to 20 guests for a party, fyi.

What is more refreshing to the eye is of course the pool view with cutie floaties. I always get happy seeing floaties, probably it was the inner kid in me hehe.

P.S.: I got like 40 DMs on Instagram when posting this place in Instagram story, this place is really adorable. Now I wish I could go back to when I was 17, so I can throw my birthday party here!

Hello Niko Mini – Flower

Address: Jl. Pejaten Raya Barat No. 16, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Opening Hours: 10.00 AM – 8.00 PM

Closed every Mondays.


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