Semarang 2D1N Part 1: Must-Visit Tourist Spots


My trip to Semarang was impromptu. Very random, after going to a friend’s wedding in Bandung, suddenly want to continue Semarang and Jogja. From Bandung to Semarang I chose to take the train. After checking the ticket app at the appropriate date and time, I chose the Ciremai Additional business class train. The ticket price is around Rp 200.000,- per person.

The journey from Bandung Station to Semarang Tawang Station is approximately 8 hours. Departs at 17.15 until around 02.00 am the next day. FYI, Semarang has 2 train stations: Poncol Station and Tawang Station. Additional Ciremai Train passes through these two stations, the last stop at Tawang Station. After checking Google Maps, it turned out that my hotel was closer to Poncol Station. I got off at Poncol Station. It was already 2 o’clock in the morning at that time, directly order an online taxi to the hotel.


Because of the impromptu trip to Semarang, I didn’t have time to browse fancy hotels or funny airBNB that I wanted to try. He immediately thought of budget hotels and strategic everywhere. After all, it’s only 2 nights.

After browsing, I finally chose to stay at Citradream Hotel Semarang. The location is in the middle of the city once, from Lawang Sewu just walk. The quality of the hotel is standard budget hotel, but the room is clean, there is hot water to bathe, the staff is quite friendly, the breakfast is quite good. With room rate per night IDR 250.000,– only. No complaint.

Next time, want to try other unique hotels in Semarang. For example, Artotel, Louis Kienne, or Rooms Inc.



In Jakarta there is Kota Tua, Semarang has Kota Lama. Which turned out to be nicer and cleaner!

My first destination on this Semarang trip was Kota Lama, and I’m impressed! The area was clean and although the weather was quite hot that day, it was still nice to walk around. One of the mandatory spots is Marba Building. Opposite him is a bicycle rental for all kinds of travelers. Plenty of chairs as well for sitting around.

The Spiegel Building is also not to be missed if you go to the Old Town. This old school building turns out to be a bistro and bar inside. It’s really cozy to hang out. Price-wise I think the menu is a bit expensive for the size of Semarang. The price is calculated by Jakarta. But the place is very comfortable and has historical value, so I think it’s worth it.

The Spiegel Building used to be a department store in the Dutch era. It was abandoned and also became a warehouse. Until finally restored and now a restaurant. Interesting story, huh?


From Semarang Old Town, I went to Sam Poo Kong Temple.

If I often read my blog, my hobby is to go to the temple when I go on a trip. I find temple is calming and has charms. And I like the smell of incense hehe.

Sam Poo Kong is the oldest temple in Semarang, and one of the popular tourist destinations in Semarang. The location is not far from the city. Apart from being a place of worship, this temple was also built as a tribute to Admiral Zheng He.

Entrance ticket to Sam Poo Kong temple is IDR 27,000 / person for adults on weekdays (continuation ticket).


Lawang Sewu. Lawang means door, sewu means thousand. A thousand doors. The most famous building in Semarang. Isn’t it? He is famous for his horror stories hahaha.

Honestly, I also know Lawang Sewu because there are many phenomenal stories about him. This Dutch heritage building is said to be the number 2 most haunted building in Asia. Often made a place of ‘test of courage’, and subscriptions go to mystery TV shows. My own friend has a mystical story here, once opened his inner eyes and saw strange things. Duh! So, my image of Lawang Sewu contains all horror!

But since Lawang Sewu is held by PT. KAI and used as a railway museum, the haunted image is slowly fading. Lawang Sewu was restored, and used as a museum tour. In fact, it is often used as a wedding venue. I think this rebranding effort is quite successful. Because when I went there, the aura was no longer haunted. Many visitors also came to take pictures. Even if it’s night and dark, it still feels a bit horrifying to me. Well, the name is also an old building.

Still, you must visit Lawang Sewu if you go to Semarang! Wear a rather vintage costume to make it feel more like in the past and cool the results of the photo.

The walk in Semarang will continue on the second day, where I head to the Bandungan area. See you on next post!

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