Semarang 2D1N Part 2: [REVIEW] Celosia Park, Ayanaz Gedongsongo


Since I went to Semarang impromptu, I didn’t have time to research car rental. The easiest thing that crossed my mind was to book a car via Traveloka. For the rate, you can check it in the app, the price varies depending on the type of car, time of use, and destination.

I book Avanza car for 24 hours, from OK Rent Semarang.

The rental price per day is around Rp 250.000,- including drivers (not including gasoline, driver’s meal money, toll money, etc.). Because I took the car to the Bandungan area, calculated out of town so there was an extra charge of IDR 100,000. The total is IDR 358,000,-.

After the trip, the driver informed the cost of gasoline Rp 125.000,-. For the driver’s meal money Rp 50.000,-. If satisfied with the service, please tip.

I recommend OK Rent Semarang because besides the car is clean, the drivers are polite, they are also very helpful. I’m the forgetful and forgetful one who missed the bag of clothes in the trunk of the car. Just remember when I was on the bus on the way to Jogja. After informing via WA, OK Rent kindly sent my missed bag via package to Jogja, without asking for compensation. Thank you OK Rent! May it always be launched good fortune 🙂


I have long wanted to visit Ayanaz Gedongsongo. The hit was a few months ago, actually. The location is still in the same area as Gedongsongo Temple.

Ayanaz Gedongsongo is famous for its bubble house. When I came here, I thought this place had a restaurant or café to hang out. It turned out that there was none. This place is pure for photos and just sit around.

Even so, I admit that the scenery is beautiful and cool even though the sun is hot. The air is also fresh. It’s convenient to hang out beautifully. This Bandungan area is indeed located in the highlands.

The entrance ticket to Gedongsongo Temple area is IDR 8,000,-. The entrance ticket to Ayanaz Gedongsongo is IDR 20,000 per person. If you want to take pictures in the bubble, there is an additional fee.


One of the new tourist attractions in Bandungan area, Semarang. So new, when I went to Celosia 3 Park, several spots were still under construction.

The park of Celosia is divided into several areas. Called Celosia Gardens 1, 2, and 3, all three have different themes. When I went there, Celosia 1 Park was closed. Celosia Park 3 is their newest park. The theme is European.

Some parts of Celosia Park 3 are very beautiful. Mainly because of the flowers. The flowers are numerous and well-groomed, the color is diverse. Because of its location in the highlands, the flowers can grow beautifully, it seems.

The décor has European nuances, and of course there are Dutch clothes rentals.

The concept of tourism adapting the theme of foreign countries is actually not something new. I have seen similar concepts in Jatim Park 3, Malang, or in Floating Market, Bandung. But it seems that this kind of concept sells well in the market, so it continues to be made. I know people will have mixed reviews towards selfie spots like this.

I think Celosia 3 Park in some areas is well conceptualized and executed, for example on the left side which is full of flower gardens. It feels like in a European flower garden. In some areas the falls are less enjoyable, such as in parts of lantern gardens or haunted houses. The concept is a bit confusing because it is mixed. But if you’re a colorful lover like me, this place is definitely fun. It’s hard to find a colorful place in Indonesia.

The entrance ticket to Celosia 3 Park is Rp 20.000,- (weekdays) and Rp 25.000,- (weekends and holidays).


Only about 200 meters from Celosia Park 3, down to the bottom you will arrive at Celosia Park 2. Celosia 2 Park has more Korean themes.

Honestly, I came here because I was interested in the photos on Instagram that looked really good. Yes, I admit that the scenery here is okay because the background is directly on the mountain. But, it turns out that IRL execution is not good.

I feel the ticket Rp 20.000,- is not worth it to enter here. If you have to choose between Celosia Park 3 or 2, obviously choose Celosia Park 3.

If you are smart about photos, you can really get good photos. But honestly, when I came here I felt really lacking. The concepts are mixed. Little Korea, but suddenly there is a pyramid green house. Suddenly there was a pool. Suddenly there was a selfie museum. Hopefully in the future there will be improvements so that the concept is not mixed up like this.

The entrance ticket is IDR 20,000 for weekdays, and IDR 25,000 for weekends and holidays


After returning from Taman Celosia 3, it was too late, so I went straight back to Semarang. If there is a real time, you want to continue to Semilir Eco Park Village. Well, maybe next time!

Arrive in Semarang, take the bag deposited at the hotel, then continue to travel Joglosemar to go to Jogja. Book travel Joglosemar can be via the application (available on Android. Book via web for some reason I keep error). After that, go directly to the pool on Jalan Pemuda, Semarang.

I bought the ticket for IDR 85,000 one-way via the Joglosemar app. The journey takes about 3 hours 30 minutes to Jogja. I took the schedule bus at 7:00 p.m. Arrived in Jogja around 22.30. Get off at the Joglosemar Jogja pool on Jalan Magelang, and continue the online taxi to the hotel.

Thank you and goodbye Semarang! Our meeting was short but nice.

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