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October 13, 2018IndonesiaBandung

Before discussing the Dutch House, I will ‘vent’ a little about the phenomenon of selfie tourism!

Several times I visited various selfie tours in Indonesia. In my opinion, most of the results are quite disappointing in terms of quality and originality. Many selfie tours are made carelessly. Especially indoor ones! Poor lighting, and quality photo properties that are alakadar like for photobox! But strangely, the selfie tour dared to put expensive tickets. And even stranger, there are also many who want to buy tickets.

There are several selfie tours that I have visited: Rabbit Town Bandung, Ice Cream World Jogja, De Voyage Bogor, Dago Dream Park Bandung, Jatim Park 3: The Legend Star, Chinatown Bandung, Farmhouse, and many more. In my opinion? The majority was disappointing. Except for a few that I have written on blogs, such as Jatim Park 3: The Legend Star Malang, Bukit Mojo Jogja, Kota Mini Bandung. Chinatown Bandung and Farmhouse Bandung also did not disappoint, I have been there three times! If it’s interesting, I must write a review on a blog or Instagram. If it’s bad, I usually keep it in my heart and I won’t recommend it to others, hehehe.

Because I am often disappointed by some selfie tours in Indonesia, I decided not to go to selfie tours anymore even though I often receive DMs on Instagram about new selfie travel info. Aka kapok! Hahaha. As a blogger, there is a desire to keep coming and reviewing a new place. But I feel that it is a waste of energy too if I come to a place where from the photos alone I already feel that the quality is poor. Isn’t it?

But since I had been to Bandung some time ago, I couldn’t resist the temptation to visit one of the new selfie tours there. From the photos, it’s quite interesting, what about the IRL?


The location is quite far from the middle of Bandung, but the access is quite adequate aka the road is not too bad. If you have ever been to The Lodge Maribaya, then this Dutch House is not far from there. It is recommended to come here using a private vehicle because public transportation to get here is quite difficult. You can use the help of Google Maps to achieve it.

For the first time there, it might be a little confused because the area is divided into 2 and opposite. If coming from the direction of Dago Giri, then the right is the garden area, the left is the restaurant area.

For Dutch costume rental, the location is in this restaurant area.


The entrance ticket for the park area costs IDR 20,000 including a bottle of mineral water. But when exchanged in the exchange area, it turns out that it can be exchanged for Bottled Tea or Fruit Tea in addition to mineral water. I just went into the garden area and didn’t have time to try the restaurant because it was planned to eat somewhere else.

Overall, in this Dutch House, activities that can be done are taking pictures and eating at the restaurant. If you don’t like photos, you will definitely get bored. It will feel less worth it too because the location is far from the middle of the city. I recommend visiting other tourist attractions nearby, such as The Lodge Maribaya or Begonia Garden. So as not to drive far (and traffic jams on weekends!).


Dutch House

Address: Jl. Raya Maribaya, Lembang, Bandung

Opening Hours:

Mon to Thu at 10am-5pm
Fri to Sun at 10am-7pm

HTM: IDR 20,000 per pax (park area)



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