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July 18, 2018IndonesiaBekasi

Her name is Miss Unicorn. Located in Cibubur, Bekasi, Miss Unicorn is part of the Mister S Cafe building. Miss Unicorn is on the 3rd floor with all-unicorn decorations.

For those who want to come here, it can be easier to check Google Maps with the aim ofMister S Cafe. It can also be with the purpose of Tsamara Resto because the building is still in one area.

Although it only opened in early July 2018, Miss Unicorn has succeeded in attracting visitors because of its unique theme and is rare in Indonesia. As usual, before going to a new café like this, I must have checked the social media first to find out what the condition is. If from the photo if it’s worth it to visit, then it’s visited hehe. From her Instagram, I also got a leak that Miss Unicorn is again her rame! From 9 o’clock in the morning, there is already a waiting list. FYI, Mister S café is open from 7am.

Since the most comfortable time when I went to the café when I was rame-ramenya, I finally went to Miss Unicorn from the morning. From what time? From 7 o’clock! This is also to answer the questions that enter on Instagram, why my photos can be quiet. Because the dateng is from the restaurant open, gengs! And on weekdays.


Actually, there is no planning to come at that time. Coincidentally, my house is in BSD, and far from Cibubur even though the access can be directly tolled. Departing at 06.30, I expected to get there at 08.00. But somehow the road was very smooth that day, the T.B. Simatupang toll road was smooth and I got there at 07.04! Hahaha. I think it’s the earliest record I’ve ever been to a café.

He thought I was just the one who intended to come at 7 o’clock. Nope, I was wrong. Because 5 minutes later came 1 car containing a family whose mother-daughter was already wearing pink twin clothes and accessories. Especially if you don’t want to take pictures at Miss Unicorn? And 10 minutes later also appeared 1 family group. Okay, well. It turns out that I didn’t want to come here too early hahaha.

Although it says it opens at 7 am, the waitress informed that the Miss Unicorn area is not ready and is still being cleaned. We were asked to wait in the 2nd floor area of Mister S until 8 o’clock and were given the Mister S Cafe menu but there was no food that could be ordered, only drinks.

Around 8 o’clock we finally entered the Miss Unicorn area on the 3rd floor. Welcome to the pink area!

The area of Miss Unicorn is quite large. Walls, floors, and ceilings, wrapped in pastel color decorations, all unicorns and Little Pony. Large pink and blue sofas and dolls in all directions complete the decoration of this room. Chandeliers are the choice of lighting on the ceiling.

Hearing many people’s complaints about waiting lists and long queues at Miss Unicorn, apart from being popular, I think the eating area also affects why the queue is long. There are about 8 eating areas, including 1 table, 1 sofa, and several stools for one area. Although ideal for visitors who come a lot, this is quite tricky for visitors who come in twos or threes because it will ‘eat’ the area that should be able to be for other visitors.

Some comments say that the decoration is very similar to the Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok, but because I have never been there so no comment and can’t compare.

Unicorn onesies rentals are also available here, but because I realized my age, I didn’t try hahaha. The rental price is IDR 50,000 per person. Both adult and children’s sizes are available.


For food choices are quite creative and pocket-friendly. Here’s the menu at Miss Unicorn:

If you want other foods that are heavier, the menu at Mister S can also be ordered to be brought to the Miss Unicorn area.

At 8 am when I was about to order, the waitress informed me that not all menus were ready to order. The menu is ready, just fried rice, and some drinks from Mister S. At first I wanted to order rainbow spaghetti, but because it was not ready, I finally ordered donuts. The waitress said her spaghetti would be available to order around half past 9. Well, it’s okay to wait for half an hour.

At half past 9, the waitress informed that the donuts were also not ready. My receipt was crossed out. Hmm… failed to eat unicorn donut. At 9 o’clock, I asked again if the rainbow spaghetti could be ordered, and the answer was not yet. Duh. Finally, in Miss Unicorn, I only ordered fried rice (for my sister who has been waiting early in the morning and belly hahaha) and 2 drinks from Mister S. Miss Unicorn’s menu didn’t even try it at all. I had read here per person the minimum purchase was IDR 70,000, – but it turned out that when I went there it was not. Maybe because the food factor is not ready too.

Tips for you, it seems that if you want to try the menu at Miss Unicorn, it’s better to come a little later. Even though the title opens at 7 o’clock but the food is not ready, even until 9 o’clock it is not ready if from my experience yesterday.

Indeed, coming early in the morning has its pluses and minuses. Plus, it’s quiet to take pictures. The minus is, the menu is not ready.


From what I read on Miss Unicorn’s Instagram, now each visitor must order 1 food, 1 drink, and 1 dessert.


  • Just come weekdays! Weekends are definitely crowded because of the hype. I come weekdays from 7 am, there are still other visitors. Maybe it was because it was still a school holiday

  • Come after 10 am if you want to try various Miss Unicorn menus. Because even though it says open at 7 o’clock, most of the menus cannot be ordered at that time

  • Those who want to take pictures, try to come in the morning or afternoon. At night the lighting is very minimal

  • The visitors are mostly children and families. Maybe it’s not suitable for you to want to date or hang out with your gang mates

  • Check their Instagram account before stopping by here because they usually inform you if the café is closed for private events, birthday parties, etc.

Miss Unicorn (inside Mister S Cafe)

Address: Jl. Raya Hankam Kav 69, Kranggan, Cibubur

Opening Hours: 07.00 AM – 10.00 PM


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