When Emptiness Takes Over Our Lives — Incandescent Psychology #UnderstandingHuman

At some point, we must have felt emptiness or boredom in life. This is a natural thing for everyone. The thing that distinguishes one person from another is the high and low levels of emptiness that are felt.

In August 2018, Pijar Psychology conducted research on the experience of emptiness in students and the general public in Indonesia. As many as 19% of participants had a moderate emptiness score, 16% had a high emptiness score, and 10% of participants had a very high emptiness score. As a result, in general, 1 in 3 people in Indonesia are experiencing emptiness with a high score in their lives.

Common But Crucial

Many things can cause a person to feel emptiness in his life. External factors, such as the loss of a loved one, drastic life changes, or neglect in childhood. However, emptiness can be caused by internal factors, for example due to self-neglect. Busy work, for example, makes us no longer listen to our own desires. As a result, one’s emotional needs become neglected and lead to a loss of ‘zest for life’. Habitually ignoring our emotions can make us end up ‘not feeling’ happy or sad, thus leading to feelings of emptiness within ourselves.

Although it is common for everyone in his life, the effects of emptiness can vary. Emptiness that is allowed to drag on can trigger negative thoughts such as feelings of worthlessness, feeling of having no purpose in life, and feeling helpless. This makes the feeling of emptiness should not be allowed to drag on and a solution must be found immediately.

Two Blades

Emptiness is often associated as a symptom of depression. In a state of depression, a person can no longer feel sadness and other emotions, but emptiness. Emptiness is also associated with an inferiority complex that can lead to impulsive behavior. This can happen when someone fills the ’emptiness’ they feel with temporary pleasant things, such as shopping impulsively and drinking alcohol. Instead of solving the real root of the problem, a person can become addicted to that brief happiness.

Realizing that the state of self is in a ‘void’ is actually a good step. Realizing that we are not okay, can make us prepare to take the next step. Emptiness can also realize that we should not linger in that position. Emptiness is also a sign that something is wrong with the way or purpose of our lives. For example, when we overexert ourselves to work, and ignore the signals given by our bodies. Just as the body requires adequate and balanced nutritional intake, so does the soul. However, we need a balanced life, one that meets each of our emotional needs.

Emptiness can motivate oneself to change and get out of a saturation state. Whatever the purpose of our lives, it all depends on how to live it. What happens inside, is actually an alarm that helps us in maintaining mental and physical health. Therefore, realizing one’s state is important to further develop strategies in facing life’s challenges

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