CPPS Daily – Hundreds of PPK Members for the 2024 Regional Elections Officially Inaugurated

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Pj Regent of Magelang Sepyo Achanto together with Forkopimda ranks attended the inauguration and swearing-in of the District Election Committee (PPK) in the 2024 Central Java Governor and Deputy Governor and Regent and Vice Regent elections at the PDAM Meeting Hall, Mungkid, Thursday (16/5/2024).

Sepyo Achanto congratulated all members of the KDP in Magelang Regency who had just been inaugurated. He hopes that all KDP members can carry out the mandate as well as possible, so that the regional elections can be held smoothly, safely, honestly, fairly in a peaceful and conducive atmosphere.

On this occasion he advised the KDP to work in accordance with the provisions, understand their duties, authorities, and responsibilities, guide the code of ethics as implementing officers, be neutral and avoid conflicts of interest that can cause damage to the image of democracy.

“KDP members must understand their main duties and functions, authorities and obligations with sincerity and responsibility,” said Sepyo.

He again emphasized that the KDP always maintains the integrity, neutrality and credibility of holding regional elections because good election results are also determined by a quality and integrity election process.

“Let us support and guard together the stages of the 2024 regional elections. We maintain security, order, harmony and conduciveness in Magelang Regency,” he invited.

Sepyo also said that the Magelang Regency Government will fully support the duties of the KPU in carrying out its duties, both in terms of budget and infrastructure needed.

“The district government will always support the authorities (KPU) such as previous elections and regional elections, such as if there is a shortage of human resources, infrastructure, and budget as proposed by the KPU before,” said Sepyo.

Chairman of the Magelang Regency KPU, Ahmad Rofiq said that step by step the election of the Governor and Deputy Governor as well as the Regent and Vice Regent had been carried out since February.

Currently, the KPU is forming an Ad Hoc Agency by forming a KDP which is opened through the Siakba application, where all prospective KDP registrants must register through Siakba.

“There were 517 who registered and passed the administration as many as 358 people,” Rofiq said.

After passing the administration, it was followed by a written test through CAT (Computer Assisted Test) which was held at Unimma with a total attendance of 286 participants followed by interviews.

“Alhamdulillah who attended 278 interviews and then we inaugurated today,” explained Ahmad Rofiq.

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