CPPS Daily – Ramadan, Disdikbud Forms School Committee Association to Prevent Student Delinquency

WWW.CPPSSITE.COM – Entering the holy month of Ramadan, many activities outside the home are carried out until night. For this reason, the Education and Culture Office (Disdikbud) of Magelang Regency formed a school committee association to prevent student delinquency.

Because, this momentum has the potential to be used by students to leave the house under the pretext of participating in an activity. Moreover, juvenile delinquency such as brawls between students, sarong wars, and others still often occur in Magelang Regency.

Head of Magelang District Education and Culture Slamet Achmad Husein said that his party had coordinated with the school and parents/guardians of students. Especially related to several programs that have been implemented.

This includes starting to streamline violence prevention and mitigation teams (TPPK) in each education unit, especially at the junior high school level. In addition, the Disdikbud has formed a committee group in the education unit so that they can coordinate in handling children together.

According to Husein, the three education centers must be more effective, namely schools, parents, and communities.

“In the steps, we have called all school committees in public/private junior high schools to take care of each other (students),” he explained when met on Wednesday (13/3/2024).

In addition, the Disdikbud asked schools to carry out student attendance three times a day. Morning, evening, and evening. Maximum at 21.00 WIB through parents/guardians to the homeroom teacher. Because at that time, students must be at home.

When there are students who are found to be involved in crimes, Husein asks that the school also conduct coaching.

“If it is in the realm of law, it will be the authority of the police. If it is in the education unit, it is coaching so that it does not develop into a criminal,” he explained.

Moreover, brawls carrying sharp weapons (sajam) seem to have become a routine for Magelang Regency students. In fact, the brawl has taken its toll several times. Most recently, the brawl occurred in the Secang area and left a 15-year-old student dead.

Most of the brawls between students were triggered by mutual challenges on social media (social media), especially Instagram. That means parents need to supervise their children’s social media use.

“Social media is very difficult to avoid. But, preventive efforts (prevention) must still be carried out, “he invited.

He hopes that in this month of Ramadan, people can carry out worship calmly. Children are also protected and do not commit street crimes.

“So they don’t get into trouble with the law,” he continued.

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